Reddit has magic results for your e-commerce business but only if you do it right.

Here are some tips.

  1. Be relevant

Whether the objective of your site is to make sales or attract followers, you have to develop a customer base. Customer development involves research and identifying needs and preferences of a specific target audience. This should be the basis of your content development; avoid being too wide and vague. Be concise and relevant. Identifying a target audience not only saves you time and resources on advertising but also helps in realizing your business goals.

  1. Join the fun

Remember Reddit is a social platform; you should avoid presenting yourself as a marketer. While this is the goal of joining the site, focus on engaging with other users and making fun with the posts. Comment on other posts and establish rapport with as many users as you can. Don’t be rigid and only respond to comments that point to potential customers. Be active on the site like any socialite; it works in attracting traffic and eventually sales. Professionalism on Reddit is not formality, join in the humor and have fun. It will pay off later.

  1. Leave promotion for later

While time is money and you are striving to make as many sales before there is something new on Reddit, avoid promotion on your first or second posts. Start with anything silly but relevant; discern spirit of other users and what they find interesting. Of course, you don’t sign up and without reading through you make a post. Familiarize with the platform and get in spirit of other users before your start promoting.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Yes, you can abuse the site. Of course, the developers are aware users are there for promotion and building their online businesses. But it is also a social media platform. You are likely to think more posts will translate to sales because you will be more visible on Reddit newsfeed; while this can be true, it is a traditional way of marketing. Find an appropriate time and post a catchy link. Over posting on Reddit can lead to fines; moderators will either ghost your account or suspend the posts.

  1. Share your posts

Whether you are new on Reddit or not, you have a circle of friends or acquaintances with the same goals as you on the platform. Utilize their channels to market your product. Whenever you make a promotional post, send it to some of these friends. Upvote does wonders on Reddit. Don’t overdo it, for instance, gathering thousands of upvotes in 1 hour, that would be unrealistic and will raise questions on legitimacy. Moderators might also flag your account. Upvotes attract other users to your post hence spreading word on the new and unique product or service that everyone will want to try.

  1. Increase your online activity

If possible, comment and reply to every post within your circles. Just like most social media platforms, you attract more people to your posts if you react to their posts. There is a high likelihood of another Redditor commenting on your post after you have replied or reacted to his/her post. Also, comment on your own posts. It might seem silly but it works. More comments attract people on your post. There is nothing fulfilling on the platform as rising number of clicks and comments on a post. It is the beginning of success on Reddit. Be active. Comment. Reply.

  1. Check your tone

Change the way you react to criticism on your posts. Obviously, not everyone on Reddit is for you; remember it is a competition. Also, it is a free platform; everyone is free to air the views and obviously people have different perspectives. Be polite in your replies. In most instances, there is a lesson in criticism no matter how negative and insensitive it might be.

Nevertheless, Redditors are friendly and most of the criticisms will be positive. Take it as an opportunity to learn. Irrespective of how long you have been in online business or on Reddit, there is always something new to learn in the dynamic business industry. Be humble.

  1. Address concerns early

Before Redditors get to your link, make sure you have explained aspects of your posts and any fears that might cause them to report you to moderators. It is a social media platform but also for business, there is competition. You will not always receive upvotes; downvotes exist. While they all lead to traffic, upvotes are the way to success on Reddit.

Find out any insecurities among other users and strive to address the issue before you share the link. Explaining yourself on Reddit is magical, especially if it is a trending topic. The reactions, comments and votes all account for traffic to your promotion.

  1. Focus on great content

It doesn’t matter if you are new on the platform; whenever you post an article, Redditors will read and react. The comments and replies may not count but the downvotes and upvotes will. Before you post, make sure it is in-depth, relevant, and quality content. Generic content will automatically attract downvotes.

Reddit encourages people to submit articles, photos and any type of content for business. To enhance your sells, you should consider these tips.



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