Social media is not only a new way to communicate and stay in touch—although most people communicate use it for this sole purpose. Today, it is advanced enough to transform businesses and marketing practices with exposure to the widest network of customers and suppliers ever. Social media platforms have enhanced digital marketing. It has given opportunities for more people to establish or expand their business beyond what traditional methods were capable of providing.

A significant number of users remain conservative enough to restrict these platforms to communication. They maintain their position that slinging products on social media is inappropriate. However, the trend is quickly changing with a rising number of popular users on Facebook, Instagram, and others, have chosen to monetize their popularity. Turning fame and online presence into a marketing tool is the latest easy-way-to-go for marketers.

If you want to be resourceful and maximize your potential, consider generating an income from the thousands or millions of online contacts you can reach. Reaching out to contacts on social media is as easy as making one post that can be read and viewed by thousands and millions in the network. Cash should be on your mind when doing this. It does not mean that you abandon the socializing part of the game. What we are enhancing is the taking advantage of access to the masses to sell a product and make as much out of it without stumbling or destroying your network of online friends.

Here are 5 useful ways to  monetize social media

  1. Online Courses

You may consider creating an online course to educate your followers. Since e-learning is a gargantuan industry, it is expected to develop immensely in the next few years. This means that establishing a good online presence with thousands, and if possible, millions of followers give you a good chance to be prepared for the future. Creating effective courses with a big following will be easy.

If you have noticed the change progress over the past few years, you will agree that it is time to create expertise and prepare to lead the way by offering online courses to audiences. The audiences are ready to follow.

E-learning platforms offer a wide range of powerful features that support digital marketing, and sale of products to expand businesses. Most importantly, the online courses can be of any unique nature ranging from the trendiest topics to the funniest least explored subjects. For example, makeup and designs are one of the most appearing issues popular among women on social media. Making videos about how to achieve the best personalized artistic designs earns any online tutor a good following and network of fans.

There are many testimonials of successful online tutors who have monetarized their social media presence by creating informative videos about trending subjects especially in their areas of expertise.

  1. Use Video Content

Video has proven to be the most convincing method of marketing today. Videos hold the attention of the Viewers long enough to get the information relayed. Most multinationals are, therefore, turning to short video advertising. This trend is rapidly replacing the traditional textual ads thanks to high-speed Internet accessibility. Today, there are billions of new videos viewed and hundreds of hours of content uploaded on the Internet.

Make video your reliable marketing tool. You should also ensure it comes with high quality, exciting to watch, relevant and short.

  1. Use Affiliate Programs

Becoming an affiliate to the products on sales has proven to be an effective online marketing strategy too. For example, if you are an affiliate advertiser for huge brands such as Amazon, you stand a chance to benefit from your entrepreneurial skills in digital marketing. Circulate the ads across personal blogs and social media accounts as much as you can.

You should first ensure that the brands are reliable. This will allow you to earn trust from your followers to provide genuine items that are useful and functional. To do this, you can create long-form reviews on products containing your honest opinion on bonuses and offers. Video content, again, is the best way to attract and boost your effectiveness

  1. Unveiling new Products and Services

It is imperative that you generate products worthy of selling for your audience. Having something tangible to sell gives you more confidence and trustworthiness among your followers.

Post new products and services to offer a wide range of potential buyers a reason to try out the product. Showing what you sell consistently on your social media space will make fans plan and budget for it because the item is familiar to them already. To enhance this exposure, you may start running ads of the things on for example, Facebook. Custom Audiences and Lookalike audiences are some of the most effective techniques of advertisements.

  1. Direct Sales

The advancement of technology is opening avenues for all sorts of ideas. For example, Facebook now allows you to open a shop and sell right through the platform. Take advantage of this feature and make the most out of it by utilizing the toolkits available. First, you need to understand how it works with in-depth knowledge of the toolkits. List the items physically and let the followers browse for their preferences. It has taken you time and effort to gather a huge following; it is time to monetarize it.



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